Wednesday, 24 March 2010


We've arrived at a time in which men and women are equal. More or less.

And yet, there are glorious differences.
One of my favorites has to be physical.
You know, genitalia? Those are different.

But that's not all of the differences.
You know, feminists can bitch and moan (and they will) all they want,
but men and women are fundamentally different.
You know, some women say that they think about, and want, sex, as much as men.

They don't. Just ask a female friend to name 5 pretty good male friends (name yourself) and ask her if she would do them.
Now ask any man the same thing about his female friends (if you are female, once again, name yourself). Cross-reference.
You are not allowed to ask gay members, or boys trying to impress girls. That's the moral of this story. (no, it's not, but I want to sneak another meme in here. Look out, here it comes:)

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