Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Holy Crap

I would like turn your attention to the future.
Do you know what the future brings? Of course you don't. You can guess.
But imagine you could. What if you could see into the future?
Not just that. Imagine you could see (and comprehend) every little detail. Every unknowable factor that makes the Chaos Theory so much fun.
You still wouldn't be able to. The ability to see into the future is even hypothetically impossible.

Why, do you ask?
Well, because of that very same Chaos Theory.
Imagine you could see the future. Imagine that, in that future, you, your loved one, your cat, etc... would die. If you won't save them, you'll at least act differently. So, you've changed your future. You created a new timeline.

So, you start at point
and you can see aaaaaaall the way to point
Like this:
A => B
But, since you act differently, we now have point
like this
A = B
=> C

But you, who can see into the future, are still in point A
which means you can C point C (hurr durr)
and perhaps, in saving your cat/granny, you killed your brother!
Of course, knowing this, you're going to act differently towards your brother.
By this, you create point D.
like this:
A = B
= C
=> D

and in creating point D.... Exactly

I don't know how you people feel about this, but this blows my mind. I mean, the ability to see into the future would put your mind into an infinite loop, make you go crazy or (if they even exist) create an infinity of alternate realities, possibly shatter/rip the very fabric of time (dunno about space, though. Time is definitely fucked).

So there you go. Let that wander through your mind for a bit. Then read Einsteins theory on relativity to let your mind go blank. There's too much knowledge and ideas, and too little brain to contain it all.

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