Friday, 20 May 2011

Power and perspective.

Aside from the 'long depression' of 2008 and the devaluation of money in general, the early 21st century has seen another inflation: the inflation of the value of information. Information used to be power, but with the advent of the internet, information became less and less valuable as it became available to everyone.
Many pre-internet adults have not realized this shift, or find it too difficult to adjust to it. Teachers are still convinced they are somehow better than their students because they know many things their students don't, but aside from those in advanced fields, they don't. I can conjure up the same knowledge as a 4th grade geography teacher. Sure,not off.the top of my head,but the internet has become an extension if my knowlege.
I believe that, as of now, power no longer lies in what you know, but in the application of it. After all, it is almost impossible to posses knowledge noone else is privy to. So your uniqueness lies in your perspective. Lateral. Out of the box. As a little thought experiment: make, in as few words as possible, a connection between nihilism and plastic wrap. Or make a drawing, pictionary-style, of "self-deprecating". Or make up your own exercises.
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

(There's no) satisfying the CoD crowd

If you've ever played a call of duty-like shooter, you will have noticed several things.
First, they seem to hate the game with a passion. They all agree that a previous one was better, but they all play the new one because everyone else is doing it.
Second, most of them are convinced that not only are they pretty good, they're better than their friends.
Third, many claim to have a sort of 'code of honour'. There's certain things they'll never do, except when they really want to or have to. Fourth, and the point of this post, is that they hate every other player who kills them. It disputes their belief in their own awesomeness. Those people,obviously inferior, must therefore have killed them in a way that doesn't count. Maybe there was lag, or maybe the other player broke the code (which, again,only applies to others). How do they break it?
1. Sprinting + firing from the hip. More effective than carefully aiming.
2. Running around with 2 shotguns/revolvers.
3. Staying in a single location, say, a building, securing it, and killing those who get close.
4. Staying on a rooftop, a while away, and sniping everybody to bits.
5. Quickscoping in close quarters.
6. Knifing.
7. Random grenades.
8. Aimed grenades.
9. Ditto flashbangs.
10. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers and claymores.
Basically, all you're allowed to do is hang around the frontline, while everyone else pretends not to use all of the above techniques to end you.
And I find the notion that you're not allowed to play the game the way it's written pretty silly.

Also, first post from my cellphone
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