Saturday, 27 March 2010

Further thoughts on Time

I've already had the idea of seeing forward in time.
The first objection I got,
was that my idea/post presupposes the idea that someone who can see into the future,
can't turn it off.
But there was a second fallacy.
Someone who can comprehend the near infinite factors of a single thing, must also be able to comprehend them all.
Since the universe is expanding at the speed of light, and is therefore (almost) infinite (you can not travel faster than light, and you can never catch up with the "end" of the universe. So, it can be said it is infinite.

This stuff is so beautiful, I could make love to it

If you can imagine every factor in an infinite universe, you can imagine an infinite amount of factors. So, if you can imagine that, you can imagine an infinite amount of alternate realities, brought forth by looking into the future and come out the other side, within the blink of an eye.
This means you can pick the right one (since you've seen them all), and pick the one in which you pick the one in which you pick the one (ad infinitum) in which everything turns out awesome.

So, I was mistaken: you can actually have precognition, and still come out alive, or even sane. On the other hand, no human being could possible go through infinity, and come out normal.
For more study on that subject, read Stephen Kings The Jaunt, perfect for those who fear losing their sanity/mind.

Pray tell, what would you do if you were stuck inside your head for all eternity? Remember, you don't have a body. You're just stuck in your head. FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. And then it's over. Now you can go back inside your body and try to live a normal life again. Noone should be left alone with themselves for too long.

Spirits need brightening after this. How about a bunny? It's been a while since we've had a bunny.
How about a bunny on a swing?

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