Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I'm proud of myself.
I've managed to start a blog (with Nerdy Nonsense in the title ffs!)
without talking about games for a long while. 2 days.

You lost them

But it's about time. The bubble must be broken. I am a nerd (if you hadn't figured that out, go have a cheezburger or something)
But games are a big subject, and it's difficult to choose what part of it to show.
So I decided to go back, and start with "old" games. And not just any old game.

Still the best Indiana Jones game

There's loads of good old games. There are some AWESOME old games.
But if I had to sum them all up, I'd be working on this post, not only past my bedtime, but probably past breakfast and dinner as well. So I'm gonna stick with the 2D-arcade-shooter.
I hope that's specific enough :p

So, first of all: I was born in the early nineties, so I don't know a lot of arcade shooters from before that.

Oh, shut up

The game I want to focus on is GRID/GEOMETRY WARS. The time-stealing, addictive monster of an arcade game. (it's for free. If you dare)
You play with a tiny ship, and you shoot tiny... things (they've all got names, but if you play for long enough, you'll refer to all of them as DIE YOU BASTARDS).
But that's not the point of this game. The point is black holes. They distort the field, suck other things (including you) towards it and push away your bullets. And they grow.
The thing is, these things earn you loads of points, but only if you cultivate them. You wait until they absorb some, then you shoot at them to make them shrink again. Because, if they die, they explode, and pour hundreds of little suckers your way.
So basically, it's like shooting people while dodging bullets, while juggling. And driving a car. Yes, it's that hard.

This is you. This will die

But all in all its really addictive. I know this isn't a review, but if it was a review, then this game would get good scores. Since it isn't, it doesn't. It gets a cookie.


  1. Damn...

    Now I want to play Space Invaders. Damn you!

  2. Get the damn pick of "THE GAMEs" from the front page. I keep losing.