Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Slow update

I've been busy with things like this

Humans are a special sort.
They dance and sport in tennis courts,
Human beings are a vexing lot.
Voraciously vexing, a stirring pot,
Of Humans being human beings
And Human beings being human.

That being said, I have to add
They are verily not all that bad.
Rarely unreliably rough
Tense or timid, tame though tough
They’re humans being human beings
And human beings being human.

Fickle and free though they may be,
They fidget and fiddle for all to see,
Sincerely insincere, so odd and very queer
The sheer fear of being near
The other humans being human beings
Or the human beings being human.

They’re a special sort
A vexing lot.
I like them though,
Those humans being human beings
How I like them so,
Those human beings being human

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