Friday, 14 January 2011

Oh Dear

Here's a conversation that took place in my head last night that got me slightly worried about my own mental health.

"You really need to stop talking to yourself. He needs to sleep."
"Stop referring to yourself as he. You're going to think you're going insane."
"You mean you are. I mean... I am."
"Stop this, I want to sleep. Good.

The following line was also worrying, but slightly less so:

"I should blog about this."

The thinking about thinking about my own thoughts is happening enough to annoy me. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Thinking something, then having a thought about just because that's the kind of thought you expect you're going to have, only to contradict yourself until you drown in a sea of voices and thoughts AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT YOUR OWN OPINION!


  1. I just find it cool that the human mind is capable of things like this.

    I mean, I can imagine a thoughts someone else might be thinking.

    I can imagine a thought about myself produced by someone else because they see me behave in some fashion.

    I can even imagine, someone else imagining a thought I might have about them.

    Now someone else might be able to imagine, I imagine, someone else is imagining a thought I might have about a third person.

    Back to the original post:
    About that talking to yourself, you're not the only one doing that. I happen to do that to sometimes. In retrospective I always have fun thinking this might confuse people who are trying to read my mind, so I see it as an advantage. I just hate it when people read my mind. Or maybe I'm just jealous they can read minds and I don't.

  2. I often imagine people talking about me and whatever situation I find myself in.
    I'm also paranoid and automatically assume people don't like me, even if they have every reason to, so those imagined conversations rarely are pleasant.

    *hugs knees*