Saturday, 5 June 2010

Edge of Darkness Movie Review

He's back. Yup.

Mel Gibson disappeared off the face of hollywood for a while. He was still there, of course, as a director, making movies that I didn’t really want to see, like Passion of the Christ. I liked him better when he was getting shot or punched to pieces (because, admit it, that’s like, 80% of his roles).

And then, except for calling a cop “sugartits” (*snigger*), I didn’t hear a thing from him. I called, but he didn’t answer the phone. Stuff like that.

Until there was an announcement.

A new action-thriller with Mel Gibson: Heart of Darkness.... Err... Edge... Yeah. Edge

I wish. That game ruled, but was almost nintendo-hard

I’ve seen it now. It’s slower, more mature, than, say Lethal Weapon or Payback. But thanks to makeup, he seems hardly any older. And yes, dear reader(s?), he gets his face punched in again. As it should be. He’s so good at it.

In all seriousness, he’s very convincing. Cop who’s daughter gets killed, and contrary to many old actors, hardly cries, gulps, or pulls a sad face. He stays strong, but not in a Keanu Reeves-blankface kind of way. Every once in a while, his mask cracks.

“I can’t take this now”, it screams.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the cast is there just for show. We have Wolverine:Origins’ Stryker as the baddie, Beowulf as a whatchemecallit-ally-enemy-government-creep-thingy, and Californication’s Billdo as a senator. All very convincing. Might even be useful if I could come up with their names.

But what this one does so very well is recapture that feeling, that “I WILL take on the world” the old Mel Gibson movies had. That “sure they shot me three times. The fuck do I care?” feeling.

Mel Gibson is finally back as the ass-kicking king of ass-kicking. Redundant sentence is redundant.


It’s not a MUST-see, but definitely a “wow, you should see this, I’m so excited I actually don’t know where I’m going with this sentence.”

I'll give it the "Acornfilm"-award ;)

While it tells a story, and does a good job, too, it can be very bitter. But it's still amusing. :)

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