Thursday, 27 May 2010


There is amazing music out there.
There is no doubt about that, everyone agrees.
There's just some debate on what qualifies as awesome (or a music, for that matter. Yes, I'm looking at you, industrial-fans).

And there's so much diversity, too. I mean, there's something for everyone, isn't there? And I'm not saying you should value other people's opinions, because everyone has a right to them. Whether that's true, I'm leaving up to people who are more... morally fixated than I am. I myself judge people very quickly, and I won't pretend that I don't.
Where was I going with this? :p

Basically, it's this: if you hate modern day "pop" (a-hah. Wasn't pop supposed to stand for popular? :p) music (Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Ke$ha, etc...) it is your right. If you wish to laugh at people that like it, I endorse it. BUT
(and this is a biiig

(hurr durr),
you should, somewhere in the back of your head, realize that for some people, that might be art.
Okay, bad examples. But classical music, though you might not like it, can be amazing. For some people, Flock of Seagulls and the rest of 80's music was amazing.

Hate the people, or their taste, but not the music :p
And no, I'm not writing this with specific people in mind. ;)

I'm just lucky, cuz I like almost all of it. I like listening to I Ran (aforementioned collective of sea-dwelling avians) , Come Together (Beatles), Rock is Dead (Marilyn Manson), The orchestral score of a lot of movies, Eminem, Bach, Grieg, Monster Magnet, Metallica, Epica, Tom Waits, and so many more. So yeah :D

I think I wrote this because... well... ya gotta write SOMETHING, don't it?
It's better than the post on time I was planning on writing :p
I'll end with what's gotta be the most awesome sleeping bag ever.


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  1. Damn you!

    Now I can't write about music without feeling I have ripped off your subject for a month or so...