Sunday, 11 April 2010


Yeesh! Looks like I can't shut up about time, huh?
anyway => no, I'm not editing the previous post.
The Harry Potter Puppet Galls are here to stay.
Why, might you ask? Cuz I'm a lazy bugger, that's why.


This isn't about the future though.
This is something else, and basically, the person who got my attention to it wasn't Stephen Hawking or Einstein. It was George Carlin.

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits.
Thanks, dude =)

You see, he's made me think, on more than one occasion.
And a while back, I saw a new sketch, an old one recently uploaded to youtube.
"I don't have the time. There is no time. It doesn't exist. We made it up."
And it hits me like a ton of bricks.
Time doesn't exist.
Picture "time"
Odds are you're picturing a clock, or something else used to measure time.
We can only measure time when there's movement (like we can only measure space when there's distance).
In my head, time flows.
Like fuck it does.

Time isn't. It doesn't move or flow or whatever.
Basically (in my anything but humble opinion), everything is. We are dead, we've been dead for a long time, we're not born yet, we're riding our bike for the first time.
We are.
And a side-effect of the human "being" is perception.
Time doesn't exist, but we do. And we seem to think that we perceive but the shortest possible particle of "time". We think we "remember" previous seconds. Basically, our brain is hotwired to think several things. Isn't it possible that, for every single one of those shortest timeparticles (they don't exist, I know), for every possible state of being, we're hotwired a different way.
For example: let's say that at some point, the world looks the way it does "now". Close your eyes, and freeze-frame the world. At this very second. Now, imagine the one after that.
Let's say that you've gone through those seconds thinking about, let's say, the battle at Waterloo.
In the first state (of being) you've fired a single neuron. In the second, the neuron is fired. Those aren't chronological. They are two separate states of being. We seem to think they're related because they're so much alike.
Are they?

Let me end this post with an appropriate picture


  1. Of course, what Carlin was trying to say is that we made up the concept of 'units' of time. We made up the second, minute, hour, etc, but those aren't real.
    It's just another way that we tie ourselves down to the rules we make up for ourselves.

    What Carlin was trying to say, basically, is that nothing is true, and everything is permitted.

  2. xp

    It's true that we tie ourselves down by making up such units of time, but that didn't stop me from just going down a different path of thought, in which time itself might be an untruth.