Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Positions in the shower

No, not like that, you dirty, dirty person.

No, the "positions" I want to talk about are how you stand in the shower.

There are several ways to stand in the shower. Showers rule. How do you make the best out of standing in them?

Arms Crossed, back to the stream

Yup, that's how I look in the shower all right. :p

My position of choice. It allows you to not only catch an as big amount of water as possible (after all, the water runs down your back and your front, cuz it hits on the shoulder-blades), but it also allows you to catch water in your arms. Hours of fun guaranteed =D

Downsides: the sides of your arms might not get too warm, if your chest is broader than the spread of the nozzle.

Tired but cool

Like this, but with less desire to push it over

With your face to the wall, underneath the nozzle, it allows you to stand right underneath the stream, in complete alignment with it, for maximum coverage.
It's also the most hollywood-esque position. For increased coolness, lean with your entire fore-arm, and look down, while thinking about how your wife got shot.

Downside: if you don't like hot water in the face, this can give you the feeling of drowning.

Sitting down

See? Even he thinks it's awesome

Basically, you turn on the shower, you sit down, and you enjoy the hot rain. This works with clothes, but is a total bother afterwards. But it's actually very refreshing, because it's not something you're used to. It actually feels like rain. But warm. And smelling slightly of Eucalyptus.

Downside: if your self esteem isn't all that, sitting naked in an empty bath tub might not be your idea of fun.

Reverse Faceplant


Downside: difficult to master

Dear Reader(s?)

Which one do you prefer?
How can you keep the sides of your arms warm? Both at the same time?

addendum: this post doesn't need a silly picture, does it?


  1. Seriously? I switch between them. Most people do.

    Why didn't you say what your favourite position in the shower is? How can you expect us to answer your question if you don't do it yourself?
    Meta-thought about My last four lines:"Most people would probably understand what I'm saying here. But evil people would see that I didn't answer my own questions here. But I would not be able to because context lack. But how does my question to you differs from your questions? Damn I'm trapped in a hypocrit-paradox. Please forgive me. Just take it as feedback. If you can't properly answer you own questions, don't pose them to others."

  2. I did answer the question :)

    "Arms Crossed, back to the stream:

    my position of choice"

  3. ... I must have missed that.

    I can't undo my actions. I'll live to regret them. =)