Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Did you know you can use your tongue to move your mouse on the laptop?

This discovery lead to some funny conversations.

"Clicking is hard."
"My hair is in the way"
"This looks REALLY weird from my point of view."

and my favorite
"Yeah baby, let me lick your trackpad."

Also: (since this wasn't serious in any way)
here's a picture of a really fucked up angel:


  1. Yes I knew I could use my tongue for that. Never did it though. ... Okay now I did. Damn now it's wet....

  2. xD
    one convert, approx 6-7 billion minus 1 to go.

  3. Another one down: you've got me doing it too.
    I've got to give a presentation today using my laptop... Hope I can I remind myself to keep using my finger.

  4. Woo!
    I'm taking over ze vorld! >:D

  5. It's Gabriel from Constantine! Woo!

    Also, no. I'm not licking my computer, thanks very much.