Friday, 11 November 2011

The original was better.

I'm back. Sorry for the delay.
Let's get right to it.

Complaining about remixes. Highly popular these days. These part few decades electronic remixes of any kind of music, be it classical our classic rock, converted into dance, trance or dubstep, have become increasingly popular. A notorious example is the baker street remix. Some consider it butchery, others call it murder. Many, of course, don't consider it anything but good dance-music. As it is. There are two reasons one would remix a song. The first is to improve a song that isn't very good. The second is what I imagine happened to baker street. A song, no matter how good, will only have a limited audience. I do not believe there is a single universally loved song. But there are many people who love an original song, and realize its potential. This song could, with adjustments, be enjoyed by others than the original demographic. This is hardly murdering an existing masterpiece. If anything, it gives others a taste of a style of music they would otherwise not come into contact with. And of course those who love the original do not enjoy the remix. They aren't supposed to. The song was remixed for an audience that isn't them.

I fear I have few rabbits on this phone, so no pictures to round off this time.


  1. The problem with remixes, however, (and this is coming from the point of view of someone who is forced to listen to the radio during dinner five evenings a week) is that they'll only play the remix, and never the original on the radio. Thus, if you hate the remix, but love the original, mainstream media pretty much tells you to go fuck yourself.

    That said, though, I love the Lady Gaga metal remixes. :P

  2. Though that may be true, mainstream media is mainly for people who enjoy mainstream music, because remixes are mainstream. As a result, it is not telling you to go fuck yourself, it is telling you you should go look elsewhere for your kicks if you aren't interested in mainstream media.

  3. But there are people like me who love the original and the remix? Yay! Good example is I follow rivers by Lykke Li. I love the original version during a 'quiet' 'study' evening and I love the remix of it while I'm on the dancefloor.
    Thinking of another example, but cannot really find one...