Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Decent Post

Hi there, all five or six of you. I think you've been wondering "Why are all these blogposts so crappy?" or "Why do I always look fatter when I'm looking down?". Well, it's because I don't have enough inspiration and you have low self-esteem. Something like that. Anyways. This is going to be relatively serious because I've been going through some things lately. I'm not going to delve too deeply into them, but let me just say that relationships are hard. And Women, capital W, are hilarious. I used to think I had women, and people in general, all figured out. I've had to 'update' my knowledge a lot, lately.
Base knowledge of women:
  • Women like compliments. (I like your eyes)
  • Women prefer specific compliments. (It's awesome how your eyes turn gold in sunlight)
  • Women will not believe general complements. (of course you're beautiful)
  • Women prefer bad boys.
Freshly acquired knowledge:
  • Women (especially smart ones) are convinced that their opinion is the right one.
  • Women (seem to) assume you know this to be true.
  • Women will not attempt to change you.
  • Women do not want you to change for her.
  • Women will expect you to see for yourself what is 'wrong' with you.
  • Women expect you to change in a way that just so happens to coincide with their idea of the perfect you because they assume you have the same image.
No, I am not bitter. :)
Don't worry, I like the womenfolk. They're pretty, tend to be cleverer on average than men, good conversationalists (if anything), tend to be more open-minded, and, well, they're just pretty. :p

This does not apply to all women, but it seems to be a general rule. It's, sadly, not directly related to the stuff that's been going on in my life, so I can't even sneakily tell you that's what's been causing the problems and point at someone. Well, if you have to blame someone, blame Obama or Steve Jobs. They're always popular targets.


Now what?

I've got a sequel to the first song I've written I'm working on. I'm working on a Minecraft Texture Pack. I have 2 ideas for short-films, both of which would need actors (only one has a speaking role. The other is more of a music-video for a song with a good story.)

But now what? Right now? Work, I guess. Why's life make itself complicated? It could be so simple!

Sartre is other people.


  1. "Women (especially smart ones) are convinced that their opinion is the right one."

    Everyone is convinced his own opinion is the right one, regardless of gender. You can't be convinced that your (current) opinion is wrong. If you would hold the opinion that you believe my car to be black, but at the same time hold the claim that you know that you own opinion is false, you can't possible hold the opinion that my car is black. Paradox! (ow noes). 'I know P and I also know that ~P', stays an absurd statement, not possessing a penis doesn't change that.

    So while your statement isn't wrong. The reason why I take the time to point this out (apart from having me no live and being in desperate need of some philosophical discussion) is that you don't maximize the information given.
    Does someone know how that principle is called? Isn't there maximum information principle or something that describes this? I think it's relevant in the domain of language study.

  2. I used to know the names of all those principles and arguments, but alas, my harddisk needed reformatting for uni last year.

    Second point, and I know I'm a bit of an asshole for pointing this out, buuuut... "apart from having me no live" would be "apart from me having no life". 'Me' comes before having, and life as a noun is with an f. Only as a verb (or a plural) does it gain a 'v'.

    Anyways: yeah, it was pointed out to me that the entire second list is true for pretty much anyone, and both in and outside of relationships. The compliments, however, tends to hold some truth.

  3. On your second point. Nah, your not an asshole for pointing that one out. I just should have checked my own text before submitting. (And I also should not have been typing them during my courses)

  4. Thus far the compliment "I love how your eyeballs look like they will taste deliciously when I suckle on them" has netted no positive results.
    Strangely enough, the compliment "I would totally do you" has. No, I didn't end up doing her, but she was appreciative (genuinely appreciative) of the notion.

    Also, Raggy, I object to the idea that women cannot have penises.

  5. "Also, Raggy,I object to the idea that women cannot have penises."

    Wait, where did I state that women cannot have penises? Ow never mind. Let's say I just prefer them not having a penis when it comes to me having a relationship with them.
    Also, I dare you to put that line on your facebook status. xD

  6. I wasn't sure which line you meant... I posted both.