Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's the end of the world as we know it

I think we're getting to the end of the civilization. Not our civilization. Drop the possessive. You see, throughout history we've seen great civilizations rise and fall, but you could always tell whose they were. Roman empires, Mongolian ones, etc... They often crashed for different reasons

But now we have the world as it is today, and I can only describe it as the Capitalist Empire. Doomed to fall. Integrated, woven throughout every aspect of our lives, the very foundations. And it's rotting.

What I mean is that mankind has created a situation that can not be sustained. Nature can't handle the pollution, nor the destruction of a lot of that which we call, you know, nature. Economies can't handle the multitudes of people abusing systems designed to help the weak. Cities can't handle overpopulation. Our house of cards is trembling. It's been carefully built. Technically, we could keep building on it, ascend the current situation, but a very specific group of people benefit from removing pieces of the bottom layer, because right now, this situation suits them perfectly.

Capitalism was invented because people ceased to 'believe' in the birthright of kings. Tell me how a billionaire leaving his 'empire' to his son is any different. Feudalism is still in full effect. Throughout the world there are spikes, peaks, where all the money is siphoned towards. Those peaks, those people, seem to think they can only benefit from keeping the status quo, so they remove the lowest cards and the house of cards trembles. It will collapse. I just hope I'll be there to see it crash and burn, taking notions like war, money and religion with them.

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  1. Don't be so optimistic right There.
    Even when the economic system falls, how in the hell is it going to take war, money and religion with it?

    How are we going to prevent it from happening again? Inequality is the basis for capitalism. Prevent inequality and you found a solution. But a crash of 'the system' isn't going to give us that solution. So basically on the long term, it'll just return to the same system.