Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Dark

"God, I love summer."
He didn't really say this out loud, but he was thinking it so hard, he might as well have. After all, the sun was shining on his face, and he was shining right back. Life was good. And so it would be for the next 15 seconds. He crossed the street, smiling at the car that had stopped for him. 13. Johnny Clash blared at him through his earphones, and he hummed along with it, off key and not giving a damn. 10. He crossed a friend of his, looking equally cheery. They nodded, grinning. He went around a corner. 7. He looked up into the sky, closed his eyes, and smiled. He stood there for a while.
He didn't realize.
No-one did, of course.
Not this kind of thing.

And it was the end. Everything went black. He thought a cloud had drifted overhead, and he opened his eyes. It was still black. He opened his eyes, trying to let his eyes adjust. They didn't. It was still black. He panicked, took a step backwards and fell over. He hit is elbow on a parked car. He spread his eyes as wide as he could, but he didn't see anything. Fearing he'd gone blind, he panicked. He grabbed inside his pocket, looking for his cellphone. He'd found it, and pulled it out. He fumbled, of course, and dropped it. He could hear the plastic bouncing away. But the bouncing around must have activated the screen. It shone upwards. It was the only light. He reached for it, and shone it around. It absolutely, horribly failed to penetrate the dark. It could show him the floor if he held it really close.
He had to reactivate the screen every few seconds. This was no normal darkness. When he didn't press the buttons, the screen dimmed. He could feel the darkness, entering his mouth, his nose. Running down his windpipe like tar, choking him, constricting. It went into his ears, wrapped itself around his brain. This was a darkness, thicker than fog, thicker than water. And it enveloped absolutely everything.

This is an idea I had/have for a story. I don't know if I'll ever finish it (I'm in a pretty foul mood, so, yeah), but I like the basic premise.


  1. Very scary but a very good start I think!